Branding identity, Packaging
There are many ways to camp, but only so many ways to glamp. Kontipi’s up & coming glamping style will throw you back to early explorer adventures. With its canvas bell tents, luxurious accessories, and charismatic tour guides you’ll get a pass Back to Nature while feeling like a king.
Our mission

Kontipi’s founder reached out to us in search of a branding that can capture the wild yet sophisticated spirit of the vision behind his business.

We felt honoured to collaborate with him and listen to many of his spirited ideas while welcoming his involvement in the branding.

The mark is comprised of distinct visual elements that represent both being outdoors as well as specific location markers such as the palm tree. The upward pointing triangle holds all these elements together, giving a sense of dynamic movement and focus. All together the logo is emblematic and timeless as a visual souvenir.

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