OVdey Adama
Branding Identity, Digital, Development

Mixing simple and healthy ingredients Ovdey Adama is a flavour rising bakery specializing in sourdough breads and vegan spreads. We were hired to create a full branding identity package as well as an attractive and inspiring website. We were closely involved in rebranding from logo redesign to the artistic direction of the website, photo planning and styling.

Ovdey Adama

The logo is inspired by the Israeli pioneer roots, highly influenced by socialist aesthetics of wheat-fields and agriculture, strong lines and trapeze shapes. We reinterpreted these symbols using minimal modern lines, and for the branding identity we merged it with botanical illustration alongside custom-made modern line icons. The result is a fresh and modern look hinting to its local socialist roots.

To differentiate between Ovdey Adama’s large bread variety we proposed and designed a set of custom made icons as well as a bigger than usual colour palette to be used on the closed paper bag for the breads, doubling both as a seal and as a visual mark. Thus each category, based on flour type, has it’s own colour and icon.

Our custom built website design is a gorgeous display of the most photogenic aspects of bread making as well as their delicious products. For their ordering needs we used a third party ordering system.

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