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Yodfat, one of northern Israel’s most prolific cooperative “moshav” or village in Hebrew, boasts an eclectic mix of creatives and boutique brick and mortar shops, which you can visit while taking in the beauty of this ancient city located in the iconic Galilee region. The cooperative owns and produces locally made, high quality extra virgin olive oil, the well established flower nursery famous for its bulb varieties, as well as the colourful sock factory once bearing Yodfat’s name.

Our mission

The Yodfat Cooperative hired us to build a cohesive branding identity and to create an online shop where these diverse, not so related products can be purchased both by recurring visitors as well as national and international clientele.

The Branding Identity takes its inspiration from the iconic watch tower that is one of the symbols of Yodfat as well as the golden setting sun which can be admired over the ancient city’s ruins.

Our biggest challenge was putting together the user interface/experience strategy for the website which required us to make sense of the merging of online products which are naturally tailored to reach very diverse customers.

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